The KBE Story

Company lore has it that, back in 1959, Simon Konover - well-known retail developer, exceptional philanthropist, and an immigrant and Holocaust survivor - began developing retail properties, working out of the trunk of his car. And while he was at it, he decided to start a construction company to build his projects.

What follows is a brief history of the events and changes that have made our company what it is today...those "aha" moments that, in retrospect, changed the course of our history.


Simon Konover establishes the firm.


The firm changes its name to Sikon Corporation.



Already well-established in the retail market, KBE begins branching out into other markets: Duncaster (senior living) in 1983; One Commerce Center (commercial office building) in 1985; One Century Tower (high-rise) in 1988; Eastern Connecticut State University, Eugene Smith Library (higher education) in 1995; The Solomon Schechter Day School (K-12) in 1999; University of Connecticut, Garrigus Suites (design-build) in 2000; and Armed Forces Reserve Center (first federal) in 2009.



KBE is engaged to build Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp—a community project that remains near and dear to the KBE team.


The company undergoes its second name change, becoming Konover Construction Corporation.


Current CEO, Michael Kolakowski, becomes President of the firm.


KBE opens its Mid-Atlantic office, centrally located in Maryland.


Mike Kolakowski (President & CEO), Eric Brown (Vice President, retired), and Simon Etzel (Vice President, retired) acquire the firm in a management buyout.


The company changes its name a third and final time to KBE Building Corporation.


KBE launches its 50 Ways to Make a Difference philanthropic program.


The firm names four new principals to the KBE leadership team: Robert Dunn (General Counsel), James Culkin (Chief Operating Officer), Tim O’Brien (Chief Financial Officer), and Antonio Mancini (Vice President, Field Operations).


KBE adds affiliate company, KBE-NY, to serve clients in Metropolitan New York and New Jersey.


Brad Nydahl and Steve Boscardin join the KBE team as New Valley Construction.


The “KBE Companies” is born with the addition of KBE-NY and New Valley Construction.


KBE celebrates its 60th anniversary with a bang.


Under Brad and Steve’s leadership, KBE opens its regional office in Scottsdale, AZ to serve clients in metropolitan Phoenix and Western US markets.


KBE LocationsKBE and its affiliates serve clients in 29 states across the US, in a diverse range of markets.