KBE Presents: EB5 Project Funding Alternatives Presentations

Developers, institutional owners, and municipal agencies looking for competitive construction project financing would do well to look into the federal government’s EB5 program.
On Dec. 12, 2014, KBE hosted an outstanding informational program on the federal govenment’s EB5 financing program, which provides an alternate source of competitive financing for construction projects in the US.

The program, held at KBE’s Farmington, CT offices, was presented by the Jack Yang, Principal of the New England Federal EB5 Regional Center, which is the state’s first federally designated EB5 Regional Center. The program was attended by 20+ owners and design and construction industry professionals.

Download the presentation here.

Created by the US Congress in 1990, the EB5 program is aimed at creating US jobs through foreign investment in construction projects. In exchange, foreign investors receive US “green cards” and a return on their investment after five years.

As Mr. Yang explains, EB5 funding is ideal for both public and private projects where funding may not otherwise be available, whether due to:

  • Projects not financeable
  • Projects with limited capital budgets
  • Early stage financing is needed

The market sectors which most frequenlty use EB5 financing include:

  • Hotels / lodging / entertainment / restaurant
  • Senior housing / assisted living / nursing home 
  • Medical / hospital
  • Manufacturing / factory
  • Residential / mixed use / retail / office 
  • School / university / educational institutions

If you are interested in attending a future EB5 informational program, please contact Allan Kleban, VP of Business Development at KBE Building Corporation akleban@kbebuilding.com 860.284.7466