Andrea Comstock-Tague

Andrea Comstock-Tague

Vice President of Human Resources

Andrea has been with KBE Building Corporation since 2017. As Vice President of Human Resources, she directs all aspects of organizational development for the KBE Companies. Andrea earned a bachelor’s in education from Arcadia University and a master’s in organizational psychology from the University of Hartford in 2005.

How I ended up in HR:
My first taste of the HR world was as an HR assistant at a bank. I loved the interaction with people and the diversity of what I was doing each day – from recruiting, employee relations, to compensation work. I am passionate about organizations and how people behave and act. So, I always find myself looking to see how we can better work as a team, a company, a department. Luckily, KBE embraces my curiosity around psychology and presents the opportunity to use these skills in the workplace.

What I love about working in the construction industry:
I’ve worked in several different industries throughout my career, including insurance, banking, and manufacturing. What I discovered while working across these industries is that I felt most like myself when I was in manufacturing; so, I sought out a similar environment.

In my experience, the people drawn to the construction industry are hard-working, family-oriented, and just want to do their best. The industry is transparent with no hidden agendas, and people tend to be more direct. This is where I feel most comfortable.

Best advice I’ve ever received…and given:
The best advice I’ve received is, “Don’t settle for the answer if you’re not comfortable with the answer.” The best advice I’ve given is, “Peel back the onion.”

What matters most to me about my work:
In my line of work, it’s imperative that you understand the bigger picture. For me to successfully do that, I have to ask a lot of questions. There’s usually more than what you see on the surface, so I often ask people to tell me the story and don’t leave out the details.

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