Brad Nydahl

Brad Nydahl headshot

Vice President | Principal | KBE West

Brad’s long construction career includes leadership of Howard S. Wright Construction, an ENR Top 100 firm, for many years prior to its acquisition by Balfour Beatty. As Vice President and Principal of KBE, he helps lead KBE's regional focus in Western US, and helps mentor staff for career growth and future leadership roles.

How I ended up in construction:
I started working in construction at age 15, driving equipment for an earthwork contractor, and I worked summers to pay for college. In college though, I started out in wildlife management, but after a semester of that, I figured I would starve to death in that career, and so I switched to architecture. But in my junior year, my architecture professor gave me a C on a design project because I proposed saving construction costs by using donated materials, saying that ‘design should never be based on cost’! That didn’t set right with me, so I figured I’d be better off in construction.

Best advice I’ve ever received:
The best advice I've received came from a client who could’ve really hammered us on a job, but didn’t. He was a new client for us, in a new location, with new local staff. His advice: Don’t go places you don’t know with clients you don’t know and with staff you don’t know. That was a real guide as I was growing my business.

Best advice given:
Pick the two most important things in your life to prioritize – and do those the very best you can.

My most memorable project:
After resigning from my senior leadership role at Balfour Beatty in 2015, I took on a private client, managing a $600 million, design-build project for a global semiconductor client. In just 18 months, we built a one million square foot mixed-use center with two floors of factory space, one floor of data center and support services, and a four-story office building on top.

What matters most to me about my work:
Satisfied clients – and the joy of the process, knowing that we made an experience that was enjoyable for everyone.

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