Megan Shepherd

Megan Shepherd

Employed by KBE for 1 Year

What was your job position when you were first hired by KBE and what is your job position today?
I was hired as an Assistant Project Manager (APM).

How has KBE supported you in your career growth?
I was a Project Engineer at my previous job, so for me, becoming an APM (which is the job I applied for at KBE) was a step in the right direction towards my goal of being a Project Manager.

What makes KBE stand out among other employers?
KBE is genuinely excited to see females advance in their careers. The first interaction I ever had with my Project Executive was before I even applied for the job. He kept saying that KBE wanted more strong female PMs. He had the ambition for me, which I thought was very refreshing.

What do you most look forward to in your job each day?
I look forward to the different challenges that come with being out on site each day. You have your basic routine, but every day you step foot on site, it’s always different.

In one word, describe the culture at KBE.

How are employees empowered to help shape or participate in the corporate culture?
KBE is constantly asking its employees, “what can we do better or different”. In the year that I’ve been at KBE, I have been able to participate in the 60th anniversary challenges and innovation challenges, which are programs that asked for input from employees on new processes and creativity. The company truly takes into consideration their employees and the ideas they have.

How has working at KBE allowed you to realize your career goals?
I’ve always seen myself climbing the ranks to Project Manager and, who knows, even more. But KBE is really the first company that I’ve been with that wants the same thing.

What is one thing that KBE does well for its employees?
KBE keeps the lines of communication open, keeping everyone informed (and not just during the current pandemic situation). I’ve never felt like I couldn’t go to my PM or PX and talk to them openly about professional or personal concerns.

What is one thing you would tell someone who is interested in working at KBE?
Give it a chance. No company is perfect, and it may not be for everyone, but everything I experienced leading up to coming here, it’s a place that seems like its growing and going places.

How would you describe KBE’s leadership?
In one word, effective. I’m in awe of the PM on my current project. He is doing a phenomenal job given everything that this project has thrown at us. He’s been the voice of reason and remained calm throughout it all.

What is your favorite thing about working at KBE?
My favorite thing about working at KBE is seeing myself here for the long haul. I see how senior management has ensured that our company is stable, so when situations like a global pandemic arise, we’re fortunate to keep going. Even when some of our jobs shut down due to COVID-19, KBE has done everything to make sure we keep our people.