Michael Kolakowski

Mike Kolakowski

Mike was named President of KBE Building Corporation at the age of 32 and has since guided the firm through exceptional growth, even during challenging economic times. He drives the firm’s in-depth strategic planning process and consistently challenges every KBE associate to continue to grow and develop into strong leaders and top performers. Mike graduated with a BS in Construction Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University and has worked in the construction industry since 1984, when he joined KBE. In 2007, Mike acquired the firm along with Eric Brown (retired) and Simon Etzel (retired).

How I ended up in construction:
I had planned to make in big in major league baseball or pursue a career on Wall Street, but on the day I toured Fairleigh Dickenson, I met up with a construction management professor who opened my eyes to the possibilities of a construction career – and I never looked back.

Best advice I’ve ever received:
Be prepared – and be better prepared than anyone else in the room.

My most memorable project:
Working with actor and philanthropist Paul Newman to build his Hole in The Wall Gang Camp in Ashford, CT.  It was my first project as project manager, and in just 9 months, my team and I transformed 56 acres of dirt into a world-class summer camp that provides a free camping experiences to children with severe or life-threatening illnesses.  KBE continues to work with the Camp to this day.

What matters most to me about my work:
Our employees. They are our life blood and they basically bleed KBE blue.


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