Robert Devens

Robert Devens

Employed by KBE for 3 Years

What was your job position when you were first hired by KBE and what is your job position today?
I was hired as an Assistant Project Manager for the FedEx project, and now I’m a Quality Control Manager at CONRAC.

How has KBE supported you in your career growth?
The QC Manager role was outside of my experience, but it helped me to gain a different perspective of the job site. I work with several people including trade contractors and the KBE project team. I get to talk to everyone, not just the cost management side.

What makes KBE stand out among other employers?
KBE has great staff and a positive outlook in general, with lots of big projects lined up. It seemed like a secure position in Connecticut and it is more competitive than other firms.

What do you most look forward to in your job each day?
I work with a great team – which is important because we see our co-workers more than we see our families. Getting along with teammates makes the work day go by fast and a much more enjoyable day.

In one word, describe the culture at KBE.
Family culture.

How are employees empowered to help shape or participate in the corporate culture?
KBE allowed me to pursue a LEED Green Certification, as well as certification for the Army Corp of Engineers Quality Control for Contractors. I also hope to step into a Superintendents position for my next career move.

How has working at KBE allowed you to realize your career goals?
KBE’s transparency about the different roles within the company and how we fit into them has allowed me to realize my career goals.

What is one thing that KBE does well for its employees?
The compensation is pretty generous compared to other companies. Hosting several events throughout the year such as annual meetings and holiday parties shows that they are willing to invest in us.

What is one thing you would tell someone who is interested in working at KBE?
I would recommend KBE. We have lots of projects lined up and there’s always opportunities for growth in your career path if you are willing. There are also opportunities for travel if that is something you are looking for.

How would you describe KBE’s leadership?
They are available and they know your name, it’s never “hey you!”. I’ve noticed that even smaller companies will forget your name, and that is something I appreciate. It’s never hard to get a hold of KBE’s leadership.

What is your favorite thing about working at KBE?
I get along with everyone here and I trust those that I work with. Good rapport with people is important and that is one my favorite things about working for KBE.