Robert Dunn, Esq.

Robert Dunn

Vice President and General Counsel; Principal

Robert Dunn joined KBE in 1999 and is a Vice President and KBE’s in-house General Counsel. He holds a BS in Architectural Engineering from the University of Kansas and received his law degree from Suffolk University Law School. Bob proactively oversees contract negotiations, risk management, and dispute avoidance efforts to strengthen relationships among KBE’s clients and vendors, and to ensure the success of KBE’s projects.

How I ended up in construction:
I went to college for Architectural Engineering with an emphasis in Construction Management. I enjoyed drawing, from which I developed an interest in architecture. I was also good in math, so engineering was also an interest. Architectural Engineering was an ideal combination of these two interests.

One of my summer jobs during college was with a construction company in Boston. That experience gave me a broad understanding of how a construction company operates including rotations in field construction, estimating, payroll, and accounting. At one point, I was asked to assist the company’s outside counsel with claim preparation. I enjoyed this work, and the attorney encouraged me to combine my construction and engineering education with a law degree. Every day at KBE I use the construction management, engineering and practical field knowledge from this early time in my career.

What I’m most proud of:
Being part of the “Relationships are Everything” initiative at KBE is important to me. It has become a fundamental part of KBE’s culture and the people that make up the KBE family.

What matters most to me about my work:
Being good at what I do.

Best advice I’ve ever received…and given:
First, follow the Cub Scout motto of “Do Your Best”, and the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared”. I tell my kids, if you just do those two things, you will be successful. And second, I try and live by the “Do unto others” philosophy (the Golden Rule).

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