Rosa Marques

Rosa Marques

Employed by KBE for 8 Years

What was your job position when you were first hired by KBE and what is your job position today?
I was hired in June 2012 as a Project Engineer, promoted to Senior Project Engineer, Assistant Project Manager, and then Project Manager.

How has KBE supported you in your career growth?
KBE has supported me in a lot of ways – the main thing has been the training I receive and the ongoing support and having a team there to support me. KBE gave me the opportunity to apply the training I received. For example, when we did the office renovation for the Columbia, MD office, they let me run the job as a project manager, giving me an opportunity to apply my training and coaching me along the way to help me learn and improve.

What makes KBE stand out among other employers?
I was impressed with how open the senior management team is at KBE. They answer your call, they listen to you. It’s a very transparent leadership team, which is not something you find very often in other companies.

What do you most look forward to in your job each day?
When I wake up every single morning, I like to know that I am going to a place where I can interact with my co-workers and learn something new. I look forward to the chance to solve the various challenges that come up on a job, and to interact with clients, architects, and trade firms.

In one word, describe the culture at KBE.
Relationships…relationships with co-workers, trade contractors, clients .

How are employees empowered to help shape or participate in the corporate culture?
KBE gives employees opportunities to participate in the company’s value and to share our ideas, like the Innovation Challenge. The Leadership Development program is also a great tool for us, to keep our learning and our skills sharp.

How has working at KBE allowed you to realize your career goals?
KBE’s annual performance review is really a great way for us to set up our goals for the year and work with our manager to achieve those. And it’s not just an annual discussion – you review your goals regularly with your manager and hear what you’re doing well and how you might improve in some areas, and even if your goals need to be modified because things have changed.

How have you seen KBE grow throughout the years?
We’ve grown a lot in the time I’ve been here. It was just our Northeast and Mid-Atlantic office when I started, and now we are working from the East to the West Coast, and added KBE-NY and CMP Exterior. And it seems like everyone has embraced our overall culture.

What is one thing that KBE does well for its employees?
KBE offers a lot of good things…our benefits are very good. And we always have a lot of focus on teamwork. I know my team has my back. If I don’t know how to solve a problem or I have a question, I can just call my manager. I have a mentor and support to help me develop. The other day, one of our senior managers called me out of the blue just to compliment me on my work. That’s really motivating for me, getting that recognition.

What is one thing you would tell someone who is interested in working at KBE?
If you like to work hard and be challenged to grow, and you value honesty and integrity, this is the place for you.

How would you describe KBE’s leadership?
They’re very transparent and open, sharing the good and the bad with us to keep us in the loop.

What is your favorite thing about working at KBE?
It’s the freedom that you have…I like being part of the KBE team. I am valued for who I am, not just a number. I matter.