Women in Construction : Interview with Jacey Sutton

Jacey Sutton, PBD, is the Business Development Manger for KBE Building Corporation in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 1959, KBE also has regional offices in Farmington and Norwalk, CT; and Laurel, MD, with the metropolitan New York clients being served by affiliate KBE-NY. Jacey brings 20 years of experience as a Professional Business Developer within AEC industry. Her role includes strengthening relationships already in place while developing new clients through a strategic outreach plan, implemented into multiple markets. A mid-western girl born and raised, Jacey has called Arizona home for more than 40 years and has witnessed all of the amazing growth in the state.She shared some of her insights into the role and experiences of women in the construction industry: Why should women go into the AEC Industry?
There are so many reasons to go into the AEC Industry – it’s a solid career in an every-changing field. But for me, the first reason that comes to mind are the solid relationships you will make, build on, lean on, and have for years to come. It’s the synergy we all create together, working on the common goal of a successful project – really, it’s the true meaning teamwork!

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned to date?
There are actually two lessons! First, say what you are going to do and always do what you said you were going to do.  And second - Go old school…Pick up the phone! These days, everyone is so eager to send an email or text message, no matter the importance of the message.

What is the one characteristic every woman in this industry should have?
Confidence! To be successful, you need to educate yourself, truly learn all you can so you can help make a positive change in your community.  And then, “own it”.