Everyone goes home safe at the end of the day

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OSHA Safety Training Partnerships
– an honor awarded only to firms with exceptional safety records like ours!


ABC STEP awards (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver)


“Best of the Best” Safety Awards ABC


30-Hour Certified Construction staff Corporate Safety Team with in-depth OSHA certifications, including OSHA-Certified Trainer Safety Team review of all subcontractor training programs prior to start of work on site Annual Employee Safety Awards and recognition

Keeping each other safe

Safety-first culture on all sites and in all employee and craft training Award-winning, industry-recognized safety program that exceed OSHA requirements Something else marvelous here.

Exceptional Results on our latest OSHA Safety Partnership

Project: Ground Transportation Center, Bradley International Airport Windsor Locks, CT

Total Worker Hours: 500,000 / 36 months

Total Lost Work Time: 0

Total Accidents/Recordable Incidents